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The Welsh Premier Match Fishing Group

Established in the early sixties by a few like-minded anglers that all had one thing in common– Match Fishing. Founder members were formed from various angling clubs through South Wales including Glamorgan AA, Bute AA, Birchgrove AA

Founder members included  Gough Lloyd who chaired the meeting in the croft hotel along with Brian gibbons Ronnie Moore Ken tarr  David pocket Geoff Harris Richard candy Gary Evans and the great late Larry Powell and west midland angler Gerry Bailly,  Early members included Ted Parry, Richard Bainton, Clive Branson, Clive Roberts, Colin Cook, Stan Crowley, Henry Morgan, John Phillips, Dave Gleed, Niel Scott, John Jones, Spud Andrew Murphy, Larry Salter

Highlights of Cardiff Nomads Achievements;
Angling Times Finalist Winners, Wye Team Championships, Lower Wye Champions,  Bristol Avon Team Champions, South of England Championship winners, Drennan League Winners, Avon Championship winners, National and International Honours

Nomads can also boast International achievements when supplying the major part of the World Championship winning squad in Bulgaria 1989. (Clive Branson, Colin Cook, Clive Roberts, Spud Murphy, Richard Bainton) Individual achievements include Clive Branson (World Champion 1987 Silver medal 1986) Richard Bainton (Bronze 1989) Also Team Bronze (Luddington England Warwickshire Avon 1981) Clive Branson, Richard Candy, Ken Hornsea, Richard Bainton

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