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The Welsh Premier Match Fishing Group


Luddington 1981 Warwickshire Avon
Left to Right
R Bainton (Nomads)
R Candy (Nomads)
K Hornsea (Nomads)
K Been (N Wales)
J Mayers (Manager)
P Davies (N Wales)
C Branson (Nomads)

The Welsh Team Bronze Medalist
Welsh Team Bronze
                                                  Avon 1981

Left to Right
Goerge Avery (Guest)
Clive Roberts
Richard Candy
Allan Stevens (Guest)
Clive Branson

Warwickshire Avon League Winners 2009
Warwickshire Avon
Top Left to Right
Dick North (Vice Manager)
Richard Bainton (Nomads)
Colin Cook (Nomads)
Andrew Murphy (Nomads)
Clive Branson (Nomads)
Phil Davies (Buckley)
Botom Row Left to Right
Clive Roberts (Nomads)
John Mayers (Manager)
Eric Humpries (N Wales)

World Champions 1987

Left to right
 John Phillips (Nomads)
.Nick Lones (Nobblers)
 -Richard Bainton (Nomads)
 Clive Branson (Nomads)
 Neil Dibble (Nobblers)
 Allan Soloman- Manager
 Phil Davies (Buckley)
 Clive Roberts (Nomads)

World Championships 1984 Switzerland

The Original Cardiff Nomads
Fished on the River Erne in the republic of Ireland in 1962.
After winning the South Wales aaand west Division Cardiff Nomads then had to overcome stiff opposition from the Midlands and North of England including Coften Hackett and Leigh. Winning the most prestigious team award of the times
Photo Taken in the centre of Belturbet.

Angling Times League Finalist Winners 1962

From left to right
Top-  Gary Evans - Tony James - Richard Bainton - Ron More (Captain)
John Griffiths - Larry Powell - Clive Roberts - Fred MacNally -
F Kelly -S Young (Coach Drivers)
Bottom - Henry Brown - Roy Woodfield - Gerry Bailey - Richy Candy -
Brian Gibbons

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Cardiff Nomads Making up the Majority of  the WFCA

Left to Right top
Clive Branson, Tony Talbot
Tony James
Left to Right
Giles Cochrane David Gleed Richy Candy, John Phillips, Ken Hornsea, Gary Evans, Clive Roberts, Colin Cook, Stan Crowley, Richard Bainton

Wye Team Championships 1977

2015 Evesham Qualifying Team
Left to right
Richy Candy, Clive Roberts, Mike Martin Davies, Kevin Albury

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