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Nominations for Team Matches for 2015 wanted  see Calendar

3rd Round of the Belmont Wye Winter League

League to date

Great Result in the second round of the Wye Winter League with Mrs Brown Team (Nomads C) 1st with the A team 2nd

The league to date
Sensas Nomads A   21 points
Shakespear             21
Mrs Brown team     20
Welsh Wizards     19
Woody's               18
D H Angling           15
Tubertini Ludlow     11
Cotswold AC           10
Woody's Academy   9
Lanes bait            8
Wolves                3
Nomads B            3

Results of the First Winter Wye League 2015

The Second part AGM meeting on Tuesday 1st September 2015 8am Canton Liberal Club Canton Cardiff

Team for the first South West Super League Newbridge 16th / 23rd August
Clive Branson (Captain)
Andrew Trudgian
Marc Kay
Ian Driscol
Mike Whithey
Jan Mazyk
Andrew Thomas
Steve Suanders
Shaun Bryan
Mike Martin Davies

Team for the first South West Super League 28th June Huntspill 
Shaun Bryan (Captain)
Shaune Parsons
Andrew Thomas
Michael Withey
Lee Knight
Michael Johnson
Steve Stretch Saunders
Luke Richards
Marc Kay
Ian Driscoll

AGM Tuesday 28th April 2015
Officers of the club to be voted in. Subscribtions due for 2015/16 Nomimnations for team events. 

A very well done to all the anglers who fished the Wye winter League this season. A learning curve for some nevertheless the old guard of the team kept their good form and in Particular Clive Roberts, Larry Salter and Richy Candy all picking money up on the last match  see league final points below.

The A team a little disappointing after a slow start did come good at the end and 5th out of 12 teams which was not that bad. The B and the C team holding up the league and a lot more to learn. Next year I am going to suggest at the AGM we have team practice days yet overall I hope everyone learnt and had some fun.

See final places below

Individual places on the day

Final Nomads Individual League Table for the Wye 2014/15

C Branson  59 points
L Salter      51
C Roberts  48
R Candy    43
C Smith      40
K Albery    31
M Johnson  32
K Albery    31
D Skriven   29
Jan Van    20
C Tucker  18
D Mann    17
Skidzy       16
M Challenger 15

Great Result Nomads A beaten by just 2 points for first place on the day
Results 5th round

League Table to date 5th round

Team for the Wye Winter League Round 5th
A Team Clive Branson (Capt) Clive Roberts Micheal Johnson Kevin Albery Chris Smith Larry Salter
B Team Paul Hemborough (Capt) Damion Skriven Chris Tucker Martyn Challenger Jan Myzack Mike Martin-Davies
C team Richy Candy (Capt) Andrew Thomas Dean Knott Shaun Bryan Peter Gosling

Results from 4th Round 11th Jan 2015

League to date

League to date

Teams for Sunday 21st September 2014

Belmont Wye Winter League

A Team Clive Branson (Captain) Clive Roberts Martin Challenger Kevin Alerby Chris Smith Lary Salter
B Team Paul Hemborough (Captain) Chris Tucker Damian Skrivens Micheal Johnson JAN Myzack Mike Davis
C Team Andrew Thomas (Captain) Lee Knight Chalky White Dean Nott Chris Glover. Anthony Hemborough 

Results for the 3rd Round of the Belmont Wye Winter League

Top performance by Martyn Challenger promoted back to A team Micheal Johnson down to C and unfortunitly Dai Mann down to B
team due to him not weighing in
League Table to date

The Blind Draw organised By Team Captains

A Section Team Draw:
Clive Branson C - Clive Roberts B -  Martyn Challenger D - Larry Salter E -  Chris Smith F - Kevin Albery A
B Section Team Draw:
Paul Hemburrow D - Daimon Skriven F - Richy Candy C - Dia Mann A - Chris Tucker B  - Mike Martyn Davies E

A section permanent peg 24 up.
B section peg 65 up

C section peg 96 up
D section Tennis courts  and Bartonsham

E section .Eign.
F section. Field farm.8 .pegs .Fownhope. 8 pegs.
Teams for the Wye Team Championships 2014
A. Team: Clive Branson (Capt), Clive Roberts, Kevin Albery, Martyn Challenger, Larry Salter, Chris Smith
B.Team: Paul Hemburrow, Daimon Skriven, Richy Candy, Luke Richards, Chris Tucker, Mike Martyn Davies
Reserves: Micheal Johnston, Dia Mann, Adrian Smith, Jan Van Myzak

Taking Nominations for The Wye Team Championships (Teams of 6) Sun November 30th  email or facebook Clive ASAP

Taking Nominations for Welsh National South Division Saturday 25th Oct Redhill email or facebook Clive ASAP
Teams for River Wye Winter League 2nd November
A. Clive Branson. Clive Roberts. Daimon Skrivens. Chris Smith. Kevin Albery. Larry Salter
B. Paul Hemburrow. Micheal Johnson. Dia Mann. Chris Tucker. Adrian Smith. Martyn Challenger
C. Richy Candy. Jan Van Myzak. Roy Glover, Gappy Parr, Zola. Clive Fletcher
(Team selection may change according to Individual Circumstances)
see Results below

Great match fished well throughout the match length. The A team unlucky with One bad section result Thye C team as well. Unlucky B Team proping up the league
see Table Below
2nd round table

Team for Newbridge Sunday 19th Oct 2014 Commercial League Teams of 6
Paul Hemburrow Damian Scriven Clive Branson Shaun Bryan Michael Johnson Clive Roberts


Teams for the River Wye Winter League (Belmont) 2014/15

A. Clive Branson. (capt) Clive Roberts. Larry Salter. Chris Smith. Martyn Challenger. Kevin Allaby
B. Shaun Parsons. (capt) Damion Skriven. Paul Henbridge. Paul Tucker. Michael Johnson
C. Richy Candy. (capt) Jan Van Mazyk. Luke Richards. Andrew Thomas. John Herbert. Dean Knott
Reserves. Mike Martyn Davis. Steve Deacon. Shaun Bryan
(New Team Rules: The lowest member in each team will drop to next team. The highest placed angler will be promoted to
team above. The exception is Richy will remain in C team as Captain)

Half Yearly AGM on Tuesday Evening 8pm 16/09/2014
Canton Liberal Club Cardiff Post Code: CF5 1JD
(Wye team selection)

28th Oct 2010 saw the River Wye Team Championships 2010 fished at the Belmont section of Hereford. Our club Cardiff Nomads entered two teams and as we are previous winners of this prestigious event we had interest from club members to enter. Our first team consisted of our main winter league team while the second team was made up from club members and their fishing buddy’s. That helped make up the second team, of which travel from far away places such as Yeovil, Nottingham and Worcester. Our A team blew out on a bitter cold day with 5 out of six blanking, however our second B team had success with a section winner (and overall individual winner Clive Roberts Nomads) a 2nd and two 4th places giving an over all winning point margin over
all other teams. When the winning team was announced at the presentation it was with sad regret that the organizer Mr Peter  Golding from Hereford AA got his sums wrong and announced his two teams becoming winners and runners up and our B team was  in 4th place. After a protesting to the organizers about this wrong doing Mr Peter Golding said it was too late and that the teams have been presented with the prize money.

Hi Clive,
I hope you are well, I just wanted to send a quick note to say I enjoy reading your newsletter very much, however I just wanted to set the record straight with the story regarding Robin Darker working for the Angling Trust, he is actually a coaching development manager working for the Angling Development Board, a sister company of the Angling Trust, but nevertheless a completely different company. I hope you can appreciate that I cannot comment on him or the situation.
Please keep up the good work.
If you require any further information, Please feel free to contact me.  Many Thanks, Selina Miller, Administration Assistant, Angling Trust, Strelley Hall, Nottingham, NG8 6PE.0115 9061 302
Mr Robin Darker Following the court hearing on Cardiff Crown Court on the 27th September 2010 the case was adjourned to the 4th Oct 2010 And is on unconditional bail until then. .(now transfered to 1st Nov)
For those who know that the former Treasurer and Secretary to Cardiff Nomads  Mr Robin Darker who
embezzled the club funds is due in court on the 16th August 2010. To answer the charges of false accountancy.  His wife is being charged also for three accounts of theft from club funds.


Following the court hearing on 16th August Mrs Darker admits and is found guilty of 3 accounts of stealing Cardiff Nomads Club Funds to the tune of £300 She was bound over on conditional release for 12 months Paying Court fees and expenses.

On the same court hearing Mr Robin Darker has pleaded not guilty and has been released on unconditional bail and is to appear at Cardiff Crown Court on the 27th September 2010 when the case will be committed to be dealt at the Crown Court.

The Next Meeting to be held at the Canton Liberal Club (Opposite the Police Station Market Road) Tuesday Eve 14th Sept 2010 Start at 8pm Discussions about Committee members, Club Business, Fishing Schedule and fishing tactics. Club Funds are due £25 for 12 months. Members attending should bring any photo’s and achievements to be included in the members area of the website

Fishing the penultimate round of this year 2010 South West Super League found the team joint bottom with 30 points on the day now laying 3rd overall with 155 points. The four members who made up the team of 8 had mixed success. Shaune Parsons 2nd in his section with a credible 16lb 8oz of pristine roach. Clive Branson 3rd in the section with 12lb15oz of mixed Roach, perch aand bleak. Richy Candy last but one in section with 7lb 2oz and James Smithson last but one with 3lb 7oz. However one of our guest anglers from Bristol won the competition with 62lb of bream


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