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World Angling Championships – Bulgaria 1989 – Part 1, Parade ( The Year Wales Won the World Championships)

An Introduction to Match Fishing

World Angling Championships – Bulgaria 1989 – Part 2, Opening Ceremony

The Best of Barlow
World Angling Championships – Bulgaria 1989 – Part 3, Day 1

Match Fishing: A Champion’s Guide


The 1983 Hooked series

Ireland 1992 World Champs (Part 1)

The Ultimate Guide to Match Fishing

Ireland 1992 World Champs (Part 2)

The Complete Book of Match Fishing

Ireland 1992 World Champs (Part3)

Match Fishing Masterclass [DVD]

Ireland 1992 World Champs (Part4)

Match Fishing Our Way

Ireland 1992 World Champs (Part5)

Match Fishing (Fishing Step by Step)


Peter Drennan and Gary Barclay join Drennan Team England at the 59th World Coarse Angling Championships in the Czech Republic. Features interviews and highlights from the competition.

Match Fishing: The Winner’s Peg


Drennan Knockout Cup final 2012

Witness the finale of the 2012 Drennan Knockout Cup, the UK’s premier knockout angling competition, in this exclusive Match Fishing magazine video.

This years final, held over two days at the fabulous Docklow Pools in Herefordshire, sees England team angler Simon Wilsmore taking on two-time Fish’O'Mania finalist Rob Wooton in a closely-fought duo of matches to see who will scoop the £5,000 grand prize and the coveted winner’s trophy.

Match Fishing (Improve Your Coarse Fishing)


Evesham Festival 2012 – Wychavon Championship

Held on the Warwickshire Avon in the heart of Evesham, Worcestershire, this annual gathering of some of the best river anglers in the country has a long-standing tradition of being a real test for match anglers. Featuring names such as Will Raison, Darren Cox, Dave Harrell and Wayne Swinscoe (plus many more) the match is a ‘who’s who’ of angling talent. Find out how eventual winner Alan Scotthorne topped the field


Match Fishing in Britain – A Selection of Classic Articles on the History of Angling Competitions (Angling Series)


Hooked International – Denmark (Part 1)

Long Book of Match Fishing In Pictures (A Wolfe long book)

Part 2

Match Fishing (Leisure Plan)

Part 3

Championship Match Fishing: Ten of the Best


Angling World Championships 1994

Modern Match Fishing

Part 2

World Class Match Fishing ([Modern Angling Series])     Kevin Ashurst

Match Fishing
Bernard Donovan

Ivan Marks on Match Fishing

Match Fishing with Benny Ashurst (Angling Times)
Match Fishing Masterclass – Comercial-Fishery Tactics (No1) [DVD]

Match Fishing Tackle and Baits

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