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These are some of my favourite youtube videos selected for this website. If you have any comments or suggestions please post them at the bottom of the page

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Will Raison Silvers On The Pole Part 3 – Canal Roach on Breadpunch DVD

Fishing Canals

Bread Punch Fishing..Dan fishes the short pole to catch roach, gudgeon and some big skimmer bream on the punch

Canal Fishing – On The Pole With Bob Nudd [DVD]

Roach & Bream Canal Fishing…Dan shows you how to fish a couple of effective tactics which he uses on rivers and canals. Worm and bread can be devistating methods if presented correctly and are great for catching Roach and Bream aswell as many other freshwater species

Dickie Carr Fishing on Canals: Pole and Punch [VHS]

Bloodworm & Joker…Watch Dan fishing Bloodworm and Joker on the pole to catch winter roach.

Canal Fishing – Advanced Techniques With Bob Nudd [DVD]

Chub Fishing on Canal…James Robbins from Shakespeare fishes on the Staffs Worcester Canal at Swindon Lock. This prolific BAA venue is producing good nets of silver fish including Chub, Roach and Perch. The video shows 10 tips relating to canal fishing in the colder autumn and winter months.

Canal Fishing With Mark Pollard [VHS]

Perch on the Canal…The beginning of January

Fishing on Canals – Bloodworm & Joker [VHS]

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