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Weekend Thai matches
I fished two penultimate double weekend matches in Thailand this week picking up some coin with two 2nds The Saturday match at
Casaways 4 hour knock up was a hotly disputed match with local lad Tubs going into the lead quickly with a feeder caught 6lb rohu (chub type of fish ) But it was Tony Lock who pushed ahead when landing a 20lb Catla carp next to owner and the man in form John Harvey Going into the last ten minutes of the match Tony had 50lb on the scales while myself and John had ounces in John's favour 15lb each quickly scaling down on hook lengths i mannaged to land two Tilapia's with one going 4lb 6oz and a new venue record
Second match on Sunday was at Wilfs Fishing Retreat and this time it was John's tactics of slop on the waggler at 35yards who was an out and out winner catching Rohu and swai catfish for 33KGg With 10 minutes to go it looked like Tony's net of Tilapia's on the worm was lying 2nd when just like the day before I switched tactics and opted for waggler and floating bread catching 2 swai catfish with one going 7. o2kg beating Tony's catch of 15lkg to my  16lkg
Tony taking the money off John      My venue record 4lb 6oz Tilapia

Latest Matches Thailand
Fishing a double header match this weekend was great fun and full of action however I have to give credit to John Harvey Casaways who won both matches using a special Thai waggler. These type of plastic Thai wagglers look awkward and strange to our normal peacock floats but the work perfect for Thailand hard fighting fish. Very strong and versatile, it's  a float that can be used as a fixed float yet easily converted to a slider. John's approach of distance fishing using knobs of groundbait and sliding in 12ft of water then adapting the float fixed at 18 inches by sliding up the line with two rubber stops when the fish came up in the water. Proving yet again how good a match angler he is with his work rate I think I would have a hard time beating him back home and with him throwing sloppy groundbait out 35yards without it breaking up is something I couldn't do without the aid of a catapult. Catching 85lb12oz to beat his old record in 4 hours to my 29lb and that included a 22lb Catla carp for me Tony Lock (London) 24lb
Day 2 at Wilf's and John drawing next to me and an end peg it was a fish for fish battle After midway through the match it was decided at the beginning to have a 5 minutes break to weigh in the tilapia fish that we kept in our keepnets thus totalling our mid match weights. John  21kg me 20kg Tony Lock 9kg Gil (Belgium) 8kg Wilf 2.9kg When we restarted the match it was John who blazed ahead using his slop waggler method and set a new winning match record of 49kg I held on to 2nd with 31kg and Tony Lock came strongly back with 27kg
22lb Siamese Carp                                  Thailand Waggler

Update on my matches in Thailand

Fishing a few matches should I say knock -ups in Thailand has certainly opened my horizons as far as new species of fish are concerned while methods are similar to those back home, wagglers and method feeders account for most fish caught. Being introduced to a circle of ex-patriots who love their fishing was a bonus and with a few running their own fisheries where I managed to fish a few matches. Check them out: Wilfs Fishing Retreat Casaways and Freddies
 One angler in particular John Harvey who hails from Somerset in the UK who runs Casaways seems to win most of the matches there and trying to get the better of him was my priority. Challenging me on his own fishery was perhaps a big lesson for me to learn as all the fish are manic when hooked and mainly doubles so my 4lb reel line stood no chance at all, losing every fish i hooked while John's 15lb line approach managed 42lb including  a fouled hooked Siamese carp so the first challenge went his way...

John's Siamese  Carp (foul hooked)

The next match was at Wilfs and with the fish being mainly 2-3lb Tilapia's and carp I thought I was in with a chance. Starting off with the first fish on the waggler John went quickly into the lead by 8 fish as the challenge was on number of fish I gradually caught up and with a fish for fish battle it was going to be close. With a few minutes left of the 4 hour match I was one fish in front 41-40 (approx 80-90lb) I thought it was in the bag until the fishery owner decided to put the aeration system on and the water started to flow my waggler presentation wasn't going to work John quickly changed to the feeder  and with the last two cast managed two2 carp to pip me on the final whistle 42 fish to my 41
John's late carp                            First fish Cat                                Handing John's  Prize

The Next match was again at Wilfs fishery and with a couple of others fishing I was determined to give John a closer match. Drawing the same peg I opted for a close waggler approach and quickly I was into small Tilapia's (Perch type of fish) keeping them coming on chopped worm and bits of prawn I was 25 fish ahead of John going into the last 10 minutes of the match However this time with a couple of other anglers fishing it was decided that the biggest fish would also pick up a prize and as John was well behind and knowing the venue well he changed tactics using a mackerel head and snared a double figure redtail catfish The main thing was I beat the local expert...
One of my Tilapia                       John's Redtail

The 4th match was on Wilfs Fishing Retreat and with 10 anglers lined up the pegging was tight with me in the middle . My main rival John Harvey draw the end peg I knew it was going to be hard to win especially when the match was going to be decided on a point system ie.. 50 points for a Siamese carp and Alligator gar 10 points for redtail cats 7 points for swari catfish and just 1 point for my target fish the Tilapia. Starting on the waggler i was into a few tilapia fish and a swari catfish on bread flake and perhaps leading the field. then halfway through the 3 hour match John on the end peg snared an alligator gar fish and with only two of them in the venue we were all fishing for second place. With just minutes to go I was holding on to second place with a total points score of 35 until local lad Alfie who hails from London hooked and landed a Siamese carp pushing me out to 3rd. Not being disappointed as I had the knowledge that I caught the most fish.
Alligator gar fish                                                    Alfie and his Siamese carp

The following week I was back down Wilfs and with John Harvey away I knew I had a chance of winning the small knock up however It was nip and tuck with local lad Alfie on my left and a Belgium lad call Gil on my right. With weight deciding the winner I was behind with an hour to go so quickly opting for a long range waggler and heavy groundbaiting I was soon catching good quality carp including some Golden carp that drew me clear winning with 18kilo Gil 2nd 14k and Alfie 13k

Golden Carp

Hi for all those who been wondering why I haven’t been blogging my match reports since start of the year. I have been on a Holiday to Thailand to taste the culture and checkout the great fishing to be had there. Having seen and checked out the local venues of Pattaya and fished a few I can say it is something different. Catching loads of different species including Carp, Tilapia’s (Perch type fish) and a huge range of catfish all on Bread baits. So for my followers I have decided to go back for a winter break until next June and promote the British way of fishing including introducing natural baits, maggots, worms and my range of Goldmedal Groundbait and Boilies. I have planned a few matches with the locals and ex patriots something new in Thailand but must be careful as Gambling is unlawful. So keep an eye on my blog as I report back how get on...

Please checkout my website: www.fishing-pattaya.online 

Wye Winter League

Just a quick re-cap on the Wye Winter League 2016/17 Unfortunately I missed the last two rounds due to me being away on Holiday however I gather I didn't miss much with the river out of condition for a few weeks and the fish shoaling up on a few pegs. As predicted Shakespeare team was the run away winner and local team Woody's  second but the good news that Nomads held on to 3rd place for some cash prize. Roll on next year.... 

5th Round Wye Winter League

As I predicted last week a little rain and milder temperatures and what a difference a week makes to this great river. Fishing it’s very best again with some fantastic weights throughout the match length I drew peg 83 which is opposite the excellent dace pegs of 59 and 60. Although my peg was a tight one above and below and no features plus double banked I knew I had to attack the swim to get any advantage over the competition. On the whistle I balled in 8 flat balls of molehill and my river mix laced with chopped worm, casters and hemp on the inside line. Knowing there was a likelihood of the river rising after some rain the day before I decided to start on the bread this side middle of the river and with my special Chub mix Groundbait I catapulted a tennis ball size every chuck down. Knowing that only small pieces of bread on the hook works best on this stretch due to the small size of the chub I squeezed a thumbnail size onto a size 8 hook and on my first cast the float shot under and not being attentive with a bow in the line I missed it. Fishing 6” of the bottom I knew it was bite so I was hopeful of more to come. Casting my bread offering into the cloud of catapulted Groundbait I was into my first chub about a pound on my third trot down. Although it started slow with a fish every 4th or 5th trot I was starting to build a weight and drew ahead of the anglers around me who were all catching fish. Loose feeding hemp and maggot over my inside swim I noticed the angler above me starting to catch on the same inside line so after an hour 30 minutes and 15 chub in my net on the bread I quickly had a look on the inside swim and realising that the loose feed was taking any fish further down my swim I started to introduce small hard knobs of Groundbait, keeping this going as I alternated between the two swims I was kept busy. As the river was rising the outside swim started to quicken and the fish dried up so my concentration for the rest of the match was on the inside swim, pinning the fish down on the Groundbait I had a decent run of chubblets on my 5gram boly float combined with a couple of 1lb roach 12oz perch and a few dace when suddenly the rod was almost bent in half and after a few anxious minutes on my size 16 hook a bonus 4lb+ chub was in the net. Finishing the match with a nice mixed net of fish for 43lb 14oz and another section win and just like the match two weeks before I was beaten by barbel for the top prize by the bottom end peg 102 Steve Mayer who caught on the feeder for 48lb. To prove the river fished its head off 3rd weight was also a good net of barbel from peg 11 by Brian Jones who weighed 41lb and with a string of 30lb weights throughout most anglers had a good day. Top team on the day was Woody’s angling while our Cardiff Nomad team came 2nd and have held on to 3rd position.

My 43lb 14oz Section win and 2nd overall                                 CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE

4th Round Belmont Wye winter league

Arriving at the Rugby club for the draw this Sunday I noticed the temperature at minus 6 degrees and possibly the coldest day so far this winter anticipating the fishing was going to be hard with a low clear river so a draw in the nineties was favourite as over the last few weeks the fish have accumulated in this area. Unfortunately I made the draw for the team and ended up picking out peg 28 for myself which was not a good draw. This peg has shown poor form lately and twice dry netted recently and it was no surprise giving the conditions that I blanked for the first time in a few years. In fact over 50% of the field didn’t catch a fish and with one