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  1. Animal Welfare Organisations -
    Rescuing animals from cruelty around the world. Please help us!
  2. Animal Welfare Organisations -
    IFAW protects wildlife worldwide See how we're fighting for animals!


  1. WSPA Animal
    Leading animal charity working for
    the protection of animal welfare.
  2. Animal Welfare Organisations
    Read About Animal Welfare From
    A Leading Animal Welfare Charity
  3. Care about Animals?
    Get involved in one of our rescue
    centres - you can make a difference
  4. The Horse Trust
    Rescue Centre for Horses, Ponies &
    Donkeys. Donate Online Now.
  5. Legal Rights for Animals
    Help Protect The Rights Of Animals.
    Sign The ALDF Animal Bill Of Rights
  6. Animal Cruelty is Wrong
    SPANA works towards
    ending animal cruelty
  7. Care Organisations
    UK Leading Care Agency. Contact Us
    Today for a Free Assessment.
  8. Farm Animal Sanctuary
    Join us in our fight to save farm
    animals from abuse and neglect.